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Meet the personal safety alarm made for women, by women. This colorful alarm has a 130db alarm and bright strobe light designed to deter an attack. * DETAILS Light-weight with a pop of color, the Birdie personal safety alarm is easy to spot in your bag. To help deter an attack, activate the LOUD 130db siren and flashing strobe-light. Birdie comes with a solid brass keychain to transition with you from day to night––around town, on the trails, across campus, and out at night. FEATURES ✔️ 130db siren and flashing strobe-light ✔️ Solid brass keychain ✔️ On/Off switch


When She’s Birdie sisters and co-founders, Amy Ferber and Ali Ferber Peters, prepared to send their kids off to college, they wrestled with the fact that one-in-five women in the U.S. is raped in her lifetime. They felt that this was not only horrifying, but also personally heartbreaking because it includes one in five of their daughters, sisters and friends. In response, they developed Birdie — the original personal safety alarm for women. She’s Birdie is developing a growing community that builds awareness, educates and inspires conversation. Women are courageously sharing their personal stories with our community to help create change. She’s Birdie donates five percent of profits to its partner organizations that passionately support women’s safety, shelter and health.

Birdie Personal Alarm Key Fob

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