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At Geometry, we believe that good design and performance should go hand-in-hand with sustainability. Our commitment as good stewards of the environment guides us in every decision, prioritizing our planet and people in all aspects of our business model. We are proud to share that all products are made from post-consumer materials - helping to reduce waste in the environment and conserve water during the manufacturing process. Inspired by colors, textures, and shapes in the world around us, Geometry’s patterns are designed to add the perfect touch to any home. Our towels and blankets are thoughtfully developed with a focus on function and usefulness at the forefront of the process. From our ultra-absorbent, quick-drying Geoweave™ fabric, to the stitch count and finishing trims, we create items that not only look amazing, but delight our customers when put to the test.

Geometry Kitchen Towels

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