Herb and Lou's are infused cocktail mixers cubes that you throw in the freezer, and the use to create a perfectly crafted cocktail every time you make a drink. We have a different cube mixture for every type of liquor pairing. Whether you are a old fashioned drinker or prefer a negroni, a daiquiri, or a margarita - Herb and Lou's has the perfectly crafted cocktail cube for you to make a great drink. You can follow our recipes or create your own masterpiece...Herb and Lou's has what you need be the hit of the party.

Imagined for pairing with rum with bergamot, chamolime and vanilla. Meyer lemon daiquiri with bergamot, chamomile & vanilla.Green. 1 cube + 1 shot. Each – 0.85 fl oz (25ml).
Made in United States of America 12 cubes

The Seymour Cocktail Kit


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