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It's cliche to say it's hard to believe something that happened but I can't help it, Covet is 7 years old and I can't believe it. I am not one for planning, I am impulsive and rarely look back, mostly because there are a lot of mistakes back there and I like to focus on the positive (this is my spin on denial) so I operate in a forward motion. When I opened Covet with my friend and artist Sabrina Cabada in 2010 it was on a whim and we decided we could do anything if we just did it one day at a time. It's been about 2,600 days and a lot has changed - Sabrina left to pursue her art and passion for design, employees have moved on to college and beyond, the shop is barely recognizable from when we first opened and a lot of gifts have been given that I have wrapped myself. I have learned that crazy, life changing things can happen with just one word - yes. Just say yes and see what happens, mistakes and all.

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